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Clean Heat Academy

With over 15 years of experience, Clean Heat Academy has been training and upskilling learners across South Africa. Since 2008 we as Clean Heat Academy have been equipping learners with knowledge and competencies that enable them to stand out in the competitive job market both locally and internationally.

Nated courses

At Clean Heat Academy we have been offering NATED courses since July 2022 and foresee exponential growth in our ability to equip South Africa’s youth with the relevant skills that make them job ready.

Our core values

Our modern, relevant culture inspires students to strive for a better future. We possess creative ideas, have bold objectives, and a steadfast approach towards education.

Why should you join us?

Clean Heat Academy is a private institution of Higher Education and Training, specializing in training and skills development. It has been in existence and operating across the nine (9) provinces of South Africa since 2008. Clean Heat Academy has trained more than 30,000 learners in different disciplines from the Construction to IT and Hospitality industry to mention a few. At CleanHeat Academy, we are driven by a passion for innovation and a commitment to sustainability. As a leading institution in the heating industry, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the way we generate and utilize heat, reducing carbon emissions and promoting environmental stewardship.

At Clean Heat Academy, we believe that Education is the key to Knowledge and  more prosperous future. That’s why we’re committed to:

  • Providing comprehensive training and education to empower the next generation of leaders in sustainable knowledge
  • Fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and excellence
  • Inspiring and empowering individuals to make a positive impact in the industry and beyond
Trained Students

More about Clean Heat Academy

Clean Heat Academy has partnered with many SETAs, government departments, municipalities, private companies, and NGOs to ensure that skills are provided to the youth of South Africa to equip them with knowledge and competencies enabling them stand out in the competitive job market both locally and internationally. The vast experience in training that Clean Heat Academy has acquired over the years will be applied to National Accreditation Technical Education Diploma (NATED) courses from July 2022 onwards. Clean Heat Academy offers NATED courses programmes that consist of 18 months theoretical studies at colleges and 18 months relevant practical application in workplaces. Engineering studies range from N1- N6 while Business and Utility Studies range from N4-N6. 

Courses Duration

For Business utilities, N4 is a duration of six months once complete the candidate will proceed to N5, which is another six months. An example would be if a candidate starts N4 in February of semester one they will be complete in June. They will start N5 in semester 2 during July and complete the N5 in December once they successfully complete exams. N6 will start then the following year with semester one in February and will complete after six months.

All the three levels make 18 months theoretical training and each successful completed level is allocated a certificated. For a learner/student to qualify for a diploma, he/she needs to undergo 18 months experiential placement in a workplace, after the above 18 months theory. For engineering courses, each level is 3 (three) months. A student to qualify for a national diploma, he/she needs to spend 24 months in a workplace for experiential placement.

Clean Heat Academy  partnership with various corporate industries assist learners with finding employment once they have completed their studies. Learners that have excelled with us in the management faculties will be given the exciting opportunity of joining our internship programme. They will gain the knowledge and experience within the corporate industry to help progress them in their careers.

Accredited for Excellence

Clean Heat Academy, a leading institution in sustainable heating solutions, proudly bears the mark of accreditation from the Quality Council for Trade and Occupations (QCTO). This esteemed recognition is a testament to the academy’s commitment to excellence, quality, and compliance with industry standards. With the accreditation number SDP1220/20/00129, Clean Heat Academy has demonstrated its dedication to providing high-caliber training and education in the field of sustainable heating solutions. This accreditation serves as a guarantee that the academy’s programs and courses meet the rigorous requirements set by QCTO, ensuring that students receive the best possible education and training. Clean Heat Academy’s accreditation is a badge of honor, reflecting its unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability. By choosing Clean Heat Academy, students and professionals can trust that they are investing in a reputable and accredited institution, poised to equip them with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the industry.

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